“Hey, buddy! Can you spare some time!”

It’s a play on words from an old song but the message is the same. CAEDHH is run by a dedicated group of volunteers who are passionate about supporting each other and creating change and we need you. Your ideas, your skills and your experience will make CAEDHH better than it is today. Peruse the opportunities below for something to pique your interest…..you may be surprised by how a little bit of your time can make good things happen!

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Volunteer Opportunity-Regional directors

Currently looking for regional directors to take the reins of provincial affiliates in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec, and the Maritimes. This position would require networking, establishment of an executive, and a regular monthly time commitment for meetings and CAEDHH business for a two-year period.

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volunteer opportunity-Facebook administrator

The Facebook Administrator would be responsible for the creation and maintenance of a CAEDHH Facebook page representing all affiliates. This position would require regular communication with regional executives for updates and photos. This position would require a regular monthly time commitment on your own schedule and could be shared with another CAEDHH member.

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volunteer opportunity-social media lead

Help CAEDHH grow its social media presence through regular posts and updates on a variety of social media platforms. This position will only be limited by your creativity and ideas. We would love to hear from you!

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volunteer opportunity-Snag Lead

Continue the dedicated and tireless work of retired teacher Tom Tylka to raise awareness of and advocate for the implementation of acoustic standards in Canadian schools. This position requires a passion for change, the ability to network and the chutzpah to continually lobby various levels of government and supervisory bodies to update current standards from mediocre to something much more.